Getting the Analogue Film Look from Micro Four Thirds In-Camera

  Micro Four Thirds cameras are frequently criticized due to their sensors being smaller than full frame, which makes it harder for photographers to get the "look" that's become emblematic of large sensors: shallow depth-of-field, smooth highlight transitions and lots of dynamic range. These characteristics were usually present (with the exception of the last, which… Continue reading Getting the Analogue Film Look from Micro Four Thirds In-Camera

Bessa T! Superia 400! Color Skopar 35mm!

My wife and I recently took a short trip up the Pacific coast, and since my Ricoh GR III was in the shop, I only brought along one camera, the Voigtlander Bessa T, and one lens, the Color Skopar 35mm f2.5. While not the smallest combination, it did fit into a couple of jacket pockets… Continue reading Bessa T! Superia 400! Color Skopar 35mm!

Are Snapshots Inferior Photos?

The snapshot has a longstanding connotation of inferiority. Even if you enjoy making them, you probably acknowledge this apparent consensus, and perhaps even feel guilty about owning up to taking snapshots. This would be a mistake, for to assume that a snapshot must be a bad photograph is to miss what a snapshot is: not… Continue reading Are Snapshots Inferior Photos?


It is good to look at something and recognize symbolism, allegory or deeper truth. This is a troublesome statement, and must quickly be qualified, for I think that many of us have been made to endure specious or disingenuous interpretations of symbolism in Art. Few people make it through higher education, for example, without being… Continue reading Symbolism

Voigtlander Bessa T Between Storms

January is a pretty rainy month in the Pacific Northwest, so I have not had many chances to bring the Voigtlander rangefinder from the early 2000's outside to shoot. Currently I have only shot two rolls of film, one a roll of expired Fuji color film which is currently out for development, and the other… Continue reading Voigtlander Bessa T Between Storms

Voigtlander Bessa T Heliar 101 Edition Unboxing Photos

Recently I have been shooting black and white film and developing it myself (see earlier post), and have mainly been using a cheap and cheerful fixed lens rangefinder from the '70s, the Ricoh 500G, which I obtained from a fellow member of a good photography forum for next to nothing. It's a fun camera with… Continue reading Voigtlander Bessa T Heliar 101 Edition Unboxing Photos

The Problem with Camera Reviews

I've been noticing something recently with the "professional" camera review websites and channels. It's not anything new, rather business as usual for most of them, but it's something that I only recently really paid any attention to. Well, I just used the words "business" and "paid" in the last sentence, and those are great big… Continue reading The Problem with Camera Reviews