Ricoh GR III Two-Year Review, Part Two: Camera Ethos

Ricoh likes to call GR users “GRists.” If you stumbled over that odd-looking word at first, you’re not alone. It’s part of Ricoh’s overarching marketing strategy for the GR series, and, while it may be a bit awkward in English, it does convey a sort of special quality about GR mainliners. The suffix “-ist” denotes… Continue reading Ricoh GR III Two-Year Review, Part Two: Camera Ethos

Ricoh GR III Two-Year Review, Part One: The Hardware

I got my hands on a GR III as soon as they were available in the US, which was March of 2019. Since then it has become a constant companion through thick and thin, economic boom and pandemic turmoil alike. Though I use other cameras, the GR III is small enough to ride along with… Continue reading Ricoh GR III Two-Year Review, Part One: The Hardware

Lumix GX9 Review Wrap-Up: The Image Quality

I promised a while back to give a third and final part of my review of the Panasonic GX9, focused on image quality.  Truth be told, I hesitated so long because I don’t own the camera anymore. Years of Micro Four Thirds use are behind me, for the time being, as the GX9 was my… Continue reading Lumix GX9 Review Wrap-Up: The Image Quality

Turn Something In

I've started shooting and posting a photo a day, on an online community. It's a pretty common project, the photo-a-day. You can find all sorts of permutations all over the photographic web. I've done several of these in monthly installments, but this time it's open-ended. Like always, the importance of daily photo challenges is to… Continue reading Turn Something In

Knee-Jerk Photography Talk

Today's post is brought to you by the recurring special segment: "And Then I Read the Comments." Alright, that's not a segment on the blog at this point in time. Um, stay tuned? In the last couple of days, I read an article on an unnamed photography news website about shooting color film. It was… Continue reading Knee-Jerk Photography Talk

Art Versus Heart

Photography should be let go from its association with art. Not because art cannot encompass photography, but because it is hard to separate the complex web which "art" references. If we no longer worried about measuring up or impressing anyone with our photos, if they were no longer required to reference any artistic conventions, then… Continue reading Art Versus Heart

Lumix GX9 Review, Part II: In Use

Perhaps an article dedicated to using the Lumix GX9 is not really necessary, as I’ve already written about using its predecessor, the GX85. They’re very similar cameras! But I have realized that the way I use a camera has changed since 2016, and my thoughts and feelings are a bit different now. I think that… Continue reading Lumix GX9 Review, Part II: In Use

Lumix GX9 Review: Introduction

In 2016, I wrote a series of review articles about the Lumix GX85, Panasonic’s long-awaited update to the GX7 from 2013. The GX7 was a major upgrade from 2011’s GX1, which did not have a viewfinder. The GX-series have always been favorites for photographers like me, who value smaller camera bodies with well-thought-out features. Note… Continue reading Lumix GX9 Review: Introduction

Value of a Back Catalogue

When do we come to the end of wanting to produce "competent" photographs? I have been pondering this question as I go through my catalogue of photographs taken - many of them remembered, some forgotten, and some re-seen as I encounter them again after sitting in cold storage on a hard drive. Few are the… Continue reading Value of a Back Catalogue

Rangefinder Among the Masks

Or: My New Normal Things have been upended, we all know this and deal with it on a daily basis. Even in my neck of the global woods (shout-out to the podcast Stuff They Don't Want You to Know for that line, which I shamelessly stole), daily life has not been the same for quite… Continue reading Rangefinder Among the Masks